Many of you have been waiting to show your Mindbug skills and we are so proud to finally announce our Mindbug Organized Play Program! Gear up to become the very first Mindbug World Champion.

How to qualify for the World Championship?

As qualifying tournaments, we are launching the Mindbug Master Series. It is a series of tournaments all around the world where you can qualify for the World Championship which is held online on Dec. 16th and 17th.

There are two last Chance Online Qualifier Tournaments in December to participate in:

Dates of the World Championship:

Date: 16th and 17th of December

Where: Mindbug Online Client

The world championship will be held over 2 days in our prototype online client.

PriZe Support:

Below you can find the price structure for the Mindbug World Championship 2023.

Note: Winners will also receive the prizes from the lower levels on top of their win.

All Participants:

  • A digital show-off screen in the app depending on the final rank in the World Championship (participant, top 16, top 8, semi-finalist, finalist, winner)
  • 4 foil Promo Cards of 2024 signed by Marvin Hegen (Suspicious Gift, Future Eric, Alien Brain, Watts Dog)

Top 16:

  • Two Foil Mindbugs signed by Richard Garfield

Top 8:

  • Limited Edition Mindbug T-Shirt „2023 World Championship“


  • Beta Review Print Deck of the Next Set (approx. 6 months before release)


  • Two limited edition hand-made Mindbug miniatures


  • Design your own card!


The time has come to announce our decision about the Mindbug World Championship 2023 format !

We wanted to bring the best experience for the players for this event . Thats why we came up with the following exclusive decklist:

  • First Contact set EXCEPT Giraffodile
  • One copy of each card from the First Contact Addon pack.

And finally, the tournament format will be based on a Swiss Round (BestOf3) followed by a top 16 Playoff phase in a single elimination Bracket (BestOf5).

Here is the planning for the week-end of the 16th and 17th of December:

Saturday 16th of December (Swiss Round, 5 to 6 round depending of number of players)

  • 2pm UTC: start of the event, online stream and reveal of the players list.
  • 2:30pm UTC: start of swiss round (round 1 to 3)
  • 4:30pm UTC: break
  • 5pm UTC: resume of swiss round (round 4 to 6*)
  • Expected ends around 8pm UTC

Sunday 17th of December (Top 16 single elimination bracket)

  • 2pm UTC start of the event, online stream and reveal of bracket
  • 2:30pm UTC start of matches
  • 4:30pm UTC: break
  • 5pm UTC resume of matches
  • Expected ends around 8pm UTC


The world championship will be live-streamed in different languages on YouTube and Twitch. Links will be shared on our social media and on Discord before the event starts.