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Mindbug Beyond Rules

Game setup: Set aside all double-sided cards (cards with both creatures on the front and the back). These are not shuffled into the deck but may enter play through a special evolve effect on certain cards.

Action: When you have a creature in play with an Action-effect, you may spend your turn activating that effect instead of playing a card or attacking with a card. If the effect doesn’t do anything, you are not allowed to activate it.

Evolve: Some creatures have an action allowing them to evolve. Each evolution line consists of 3 creatures. One goes into the deck during setup and has the normal mindbug cardback. It is called “stage 1”, as recognized by the roman numeral I in the top right corner of the card. The “stage 2” and “stage 3” are printed on the front and back of the same card, which is set aside during setup.

When a creature evolves from stage 1 to stage 2, find the relevant set aside double-sided and place it, with stage 2 facing upwards, on top of the stage 1 card.

When a creature evolves from stage 2 to stage 3, simply flip the double sided card over to show that the stage 3 is now in play.

A creature that evolves is still considered the same creature. If it was exhausted before evolving, it is still exhausted after.

If a stage 2 or stage 3 creature leaves play (for example being defeated and sent to the discard pile) it first returns to stage 1 form. Set aside the double-sided card featuring stage 2 and stage 3. If the stage 1 creature somehow is able to come back into play, it can evolve to stage 2 again.

Boost x to this: You may take up to x cards from any discard pile(s) and place them face down under this creature. For each card there, this creature has +1 power. When this creature leaves play, place all the boost cards under it in your discard pile.

Boost x to any creature(s): Similar to the previous but you may place the cards under any creature(s). You are allowed to split it up among multiple creatures.

In Discard Pile: While this card is in your discard pile, its effect is active.It is a good idea to place this card next to the other cards in your discard pile and not put other cards on top of it, to make sure that both you and your opponent are aware that this is in effect.


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Todavía no tenemos un vídeo con las reglas completas en español, pero „La Mesa de Dam“ da una buena visión general de cómo funciona el juego.

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Mindbug Rules

Purtroppo, al momento non abbiamo un video con le regole in italiano.

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