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Can a Tough creature be defeated twice in a combat against a Poisonous creature?2021-10-19T14:00:46+00:00

Q: Can a tough creature be defeated twice in one combat? (E.g. because the opposing creature has a higher power value and is poisonous.)
A: No, a creature can only be defeated once in a single combat situation. If it is a tough creature, it only gets exhausted and is not put into the discard pile, even if it fights against a poisonous creature that has a higher power value.

How does the ability of Sharky-Crab-Dog-Mummypus work?2021-10-19T13:59:29+00:00

Q: Sharky-Crab-Dog-Mummypus says: „Has HUNTER while an enemy creature does. Repeat for SNEAKY, FRENZY and POISONOUS.“ What does it mean?

A: While any of the following keywords are present on an enemy creature, the Sharky-Crab-Dog-Mummypus has those keywords too: HUNTER, SNEAKY, FRENZY, POISONOUS.
(Thx to 95chins on BGG for the nice formulation)

How does the interaction of Elephantopus + Hunter work?2021-10-19T13:59:53+00:00

Q: Elephantopus says „The opponent cannot block with creatures with power 4 or less.“  What happens when I have a creature with Hunter, and I choose to attack a creature with power 4 or less.

A: With a Hunter, you can still hunt down any creature you want. The Elphantopus only prevents the opponent from choosing a creature as a blocker.
However, using the Hunter ability is optional. So if you chose to not use the Hunter ability on your attack and the opponent only has creatures with 4 or less, your Hunter would be unblockable.

Is there a maximum number of life points?2021-10-19T13:59:09+00:00

Q: What is the Maximum number of life points?

A: There is no maximum. You can have more than your 3 starting life.

What happens if I can’t attack or play a card?2021-10-19T13:56:11+00:00

Q: What happens if I can’t attack with a creature or play a card from my hand?

A: A player always has to perform one of the two possible actions. Either play a creature or attack with a creature. If you cannot do any of these, you lose the game.

What happens when my draw pile is empty?2021-10-19T13:57:16+00:00

Q: What happens when my draw pile is empty?

A: When your draw pile is empty, you have to play with the remaining cards in your hand and in play. You do not get to shuffle back your discard pile into the deck.

What happens when you gain control of a tough creatures?2021-11-10T21:49:13+00:00

Q: What happens when you gain control of a tough creature that is already exhausted?

A: The creature remains exhausted and will be put into your discard pile the next time it gets defeated.

Which discard pile does a creature go to after it was mindbugged?2021-10-19T13:58:10+00:00

Q: If a creature that was mindbugged is defeated, which discard pile does it go to? And who gets the defeated trigger?

A: The creature goes to the discard pile of the player who currently controls the creature. In the example, the player who mindbugged the creature gets the defeated trigger and the creature also goes into their discard pile.

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