Mindbug Beta is Live

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The First Closed Beta Event has started

We are happy to have you on board for our very first Beta Event. This is still an early version of the Mindbug Online Prototype. And it is the first time we will give access to a larger audience of players. We don’t exactly know how our servers will react to the load. So please don’t expect a final game. Consider it a work in progress project that you can help to evolve. We really appreciate all your feedback, feature requests and bug reports.

And now have fun!

How to install

Windows PC

Step 1: Download the Client (Link)
Step 2: Unzip the file to your PC
Step 3: Start the file “mindbug.exe“
Step 4: Follow the instructions in order to create an account


The game is deployed via the official Apple test program called Testflight. First, install TestFlight on the device you will be using for testing. Then follow the invitation link below to install the beta app.

Once you installed the app, follow the instructions in the app to create your account.


Step 1: Subscribe to the Mindbug Online Google Group

  • Click on the link below:
  • Login with your Google Account you use for your Android Phone
  • Click on Join Group. 

Step 2: Download Mindbug Online on Google Play

Once you installed the app, follow the instructions in the app to create your account.

BEta Event Details

Start Date: August 1st

Time: High Noon (12 AM CEST)

Duration: 5 days

End Date: August 6th

In the upcoming days, you have the opportunity to experience Mindbug ONLINE for the first time!

Game Modes

To ensure you’re ready for the adventure, we’ve prepared three comprehensive tutorials. These tutorials will not only refresh your understanding of the game but also familiarize you with the client.

Once you’ve completed the tutorials, you’ll be all set to engage in thrilling battles against other participants in the classic duel mode. The more duels you conquer, the more gold you’ll earn. And here’s where it gets exciting: You can use the earned gold to enter qualifier tournaments!

Qualifier Tournaments
If you manage to win 6 times before you lose 3 times, you will earn an entry ticket for the final tournament. (Note: you can earn multiple entry tickets).

Final Tournament

On Friday August 7th at 18pm CEST, we will open the final tournament. In this tournament, players can play for as long as they desire until they lose three games. The true champion will be the player with the most wins before losing 3 times.

Good luck!


In the Beta Event you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and climb the ranks in three exciting categories:

Your rating is a reflection of your prowess in the game, represented by your win percentage. As you engage in multiple matches, your performance will be taken into account, and you’ll be ranked accordingly on the leaderboard. The more matches you win, the higher you’ll climb, showcasing your mastery of Mindbug.


Dedication measures how effectively you serve the Mindbug. At present, you can earn Dedication by securing daily wins. However, we have exciting plans to introduce additional ways to earn Dedication in the future. Demonstrating your commitment and loyalty to the game will be rewarded, and your Dedication score will be prominently displayed in the leaderboard.


The Tournament category exhibits your peak performance in the game. It showcases the maximum number of wins you achieved in the final tournament before experiencing three losses. Remember, you have multiple chances to enter the final tournament if you’ve earned multiple qualifier tickets, giving you more opportunities to excel and attain a remarkable Tournament score.

Bug Report

Your valuable feedback plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Mindbug! During the Beta event, we encourage all players to actively participate in our bug reporting and feature request process. Your insights will be instrumental in refining the game and making it even better.

How to Contribute:

Bug Reports: If you encounter any issues, glitches, or unexpected behaviors while playing Mindbug, we want to hear about them! Head over to our dedicated Trello board, where you can submit detailed bug reports. Be sure to include information such as the platform you’re playing on, steps to reproduce the bug, and any other relevant details.

Feature Requests: Have an idea that could elevate Mindbug to new heights? We’re all ears! Share your creative and innovative suggestions. Whether it’s a new game mode, additional customization options, or anything that enhances the gameplay experience, we’re excited to learn from your vision.


If you encounter any issues during the installation process, join us on Discord for support:

You can also reach out to us via email at info at kissaki.de for further assistance

Mindbug Discord Server