Mindbug Beta is Live

The Closed Beta has started

We are happy to have you on board for our Beta Event. We will now give access to slightly larger audience of players. We don’t exactly know how our servers will react to the load. So please don’t expect a final game. Consider it a work in progress project that you can help to evolve. We really appreciate all your feedback, feature requests and bug reports.

And now have fun!

How to install

Windows PC

Step 1: Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/rGQrzc9GjU

Step 2: Navigate to the #bot-commands channel and post /steamkey

Step 3: Open your Steam Client

Step 4: Click on Games in the Top Menu and choose “Activate a Product on Steam”

Step 5: Enter your Mindbug Game Key and click on confirm


The game is deployed via the official Apple test program called Testflight. First, install TestFlight on the device you will be using for testing. Then follow the invitation link below to install the beta app.

Once you installed the app, follow the instructions in the app to create your account.


Step 1: Subscribe to the Mindbug Online Google Group

  • Click on the link below:
  • Login with your Google Account you use for your Android Phone
  • Click on Join Group. 

Step 2: Download Mindbug Online on Google Play

Note: You must use the same email for the google group and the play store. And you must be logged in to the playstore when using the download link below.

Once you installed the app, follow the instructions in the app to create your account.

BEta Event Details

Start Date: June 14th 2024

Duration: Our goal is to keep the beta online for as long as possible to collect your feedback. But there might be downtimes due to required server updates and client patches every now and then.

In the upcoming days, you have the opportunity to experience Mindbug ONLINE for free! All transactions in the shop are fake transactions and you will not be charged for it.

Game Modes


You can play in thrilling battles against other participants in the classic duel mode. The more duels you conquer, the more gold you’ll earn.

Challenge a friend

If you prefere to play against your real life friends, you can also challenge a friend in the app.

Tournaments & Leaderboard

In the Beta Event you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and climb the ranks in exciting ways:


You can show your skill by participating in our online tournaments and even qualify for our national championships. You can register for a tournament on our official tournament website: https://tourney.mindbug.me/


Your rating is a reflection of your prowess in the game, represented by your win percentage. As you engage in multiple matches, your performance will be taken into account, and you’ll be ranked accordingly on the leaderboard. The more matches you win, the higher you’ll climb, showcasing your mastery of Mindbug.


Dedication measures how effectively you serve the Mindbug. At present, you can earn Dedication by winning games or solving Daily Quests. However, we have exciting plans to introduce additional ways to earn Dedication in the future. Demonstrating your commitment and loyalty to the game will be rewarded, and your Dedication score will let you proceed in the season pass to earn rewards.

Support & Bug Reports

If you encounter any issues during the installation process or bugs while playing, please join us on Discord:

Mindbug Discord Server